Angel Arts Healing

Catherina de Solieux


Catherina De Solieux is a clairvoyant who works with the angelic kingdom, helping you connect to your inner talents and inherent intuitive powers. She assists her clients to navigate life challenges that confront them on the path of life. 

Having worked as a Critical Care Nurse for many years, Catherina is used to stories of all kinds – tragedy, joy, love, sadness, success and depression. Whatever your own story / journey is, the angels are always inside it, inspiring you to persevere. Catherina guides you through this process.

Catherina has worked in shops, alternative fairs, healing centres and in her own home. Her tools are Tarot cards and her own individually drawn angel cards.  She has performed aura cleansing and aura reading for many years. As well, Catherina has held workshops and classes where she teaches about the angelic kingdom and some simple aura exercises. 



Her angel courses have sometimes included time spent drawing outside in lovely places like the botanical gardens.

 She has been represented in the newspaper, on television and national radio some years ago, being interviewed about her angel drawings and courses. 

Her background as a critical care nurse has helped her to understand the issues and deeply challenging situations we are faced with as human beings. 

As well, she has also faced a life threatening illness and overcome it.

Qualifications: Complimentary Therapies Grad Dip, Initiatic Art Therapy Cert Cornelia Elbrecht, Creative Arts Therapy M.A, Visual Arts Degree in progress, Critical Care Nursing cert.




Catherina uses Tarot cards, her own drawn Angel Cards and angelic images to perform a reading.

Healing / Aura Cleansing

Catherina utilises healing and cleansing, using simple relaxation techniques during some readings.

Angel Reading

Catherina attunes to the angelic kingdom as a separate reading to connect her clients to their own inner angels. These can be seen in the aura of the person. The drawing is completed after the session and mailed to the client.

Angel Masks

Following the healing process, Catherina creates a mask representing her clients angel, which is completed and mailed to them.

Creative Arts Theraphy

Catherina assists the client to draw their feelings / issues on paper, using pencils or other art materials.

Initiatic Drawing

Guided Drawing (developed by Cornelia Elbrecht) is a drawing technique that is intuitive, and body focussed. The client, using pastels or other art materials uses both hands to draw on paper with eyes closed. This process leads to inner awareness and personal transformation.

Future Classes

How to work with angels
How to heal yourself invoking the angels
Creating your own angel – on paper / mask


Tarot: ½ HR $70 1HR $100
Angel Reading / Healing: ½ HR $70
Angel Drawing: $250
Mask Drawing: $250
Aura Cleansing / Healing ½ HR $ 70
Creative & Arts Therapy x 1 hr $ 120
Initiatic Drawing x 1 hr $ 120

No art skills are required to engage in Creative Arts Therapy



Angel Arts Healing

Catherina De Solieux

Mobile: 0488999076

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